Hello, hello! This is the author’s page in case you haven’t noticed. This is a page where we tell you a little something-something about ourselves and what we like to write about. The list is shown in alphabetical order based on usernames.

Please pardon us, we are still under construction. Thank you for understanding.


Glory crusades the dark murky waters of yaoi, visual novels, 4chan and Idolmaster with her crumbling laptop.  It is a hard life, she admits what with the constant nosebleeding condition.  She’s a cut throat fangirl of magical girls, ikemen and absolutely everything in between.  Beware of the mushroom fetishes, hard fiction and angry table flips.



Highrent2000 has a burning passion about movies and history of all forms. Spends way too much analyzing movies so decided to write about it.

Hobbies: video games, IT, martial arts, comics, movies and wasting time on the internet.

Favorite foods: bacon, most anything with pork (did I mention bacon), Nabe, ramen, crepes with nutella and ice cream, meatloaf with cheese and corned beef soup.



Nagareboshi12 is excited to be collaborating with such inspiring writers.  When not hunched over the laptop waiting for divine inspiration to strike, Nagareboshi likes to cosplay, eat, read, and play the clarinet.



Say0chan likes reading books and salmon onigiri. Possibly also likes overthinking things too much but doesn’t have the sense to write it down which is why she joined this blog.

Currently watching/reading:  Game of Thrones

Currently playing: Fire Emblem: Awakening





Aspiring Japanese scholar and pursuer of the delicious, Shiki spends his time wandering and treading the streets looking for a bite to eat. Anything is up for game, just don’t forget the hot sauce. A love of writing interests him in the plots and characters of anime, drama series and movies.  A novice storyteller who wrote more frequently in younger years, Shiki keeps his love of literature and novels and dreams of writing a book of his own. He is excited to be working with the rest of Rising Tsunday.

Favorite Foods: All forms of ramen (even the instant kind) and Asian noodles such as pho, pancit, chow fun, etc

Favorite Books: Bridge to Terabithia, Battle Royale, Kitchen Confidential, Join Me

Currently Playing: Blacklight Retribution, Rusty Hearts





Wildknuckle has spent tweny years researching important subjects such as anime, video games and delicious food(even if it’s not quite dead yet). Wildknuckle is honored to be part of this literary enterprise composed of  so many talented writers. Wildknuckle has traveled to China, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia but evidence of the ancient turtle civilization continues to be elusive. Alas, someday…

Favorite Food: Sashimi(fish, beef, horse, doesn’t matter), okonomiyaki(eggs and noodles the way it should be), pho(Vietnamese Noodle Soup)

Favorite Video Games: Resident Evil 4, Metal Gear Solid 3, Final Fantasy Tactics, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare(yes I like franchises)