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The Raid: Redemption (directed by Gareth Evans, 2011) is a testosterone-filled movie about a rookie police officer whose squad infiltrates a thirty-story building where the target is a terrorist of a crime lord. The 101-minute film is loaded with brilliant martial arts choreography that will surely give South East Asia notice among the better part of the Asian-martial art spectrum. Despite the epic fight scenes and sharp placement of the camera, the plot leaves something to be desired. Have no fear however, if you aren’t worried about how congruent the plot is, the martial arts and concept of brotherhood shown works hand in hand to create an environment that will satisfy even the most staunch critic. Remember that the star of the film is the jaw-dropping action, never mind an intricate plot. I want to be entertained with fists, not words!

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Primer post by highrent2000

Disclaimer: the following trailers contain graphic violence.

Have you ever seen a movie with amazing gunfights against impossible odds featuring a steely but troubled protagonist? Then chances are you have just watched a Gun Opera. The term “Gun Opera” is often used to define a sub-genre where the movie is built around creative and stylish violence. Such films as “The Killer”, “A Fist Full of Dollars”, and “The Matrix” are examples of films in this sub-genre where bullets are often as common as rain.

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