Don't get the wrong idea

Don’t get the wrong idea…

D-don’t you dare read this post. I just wrote some stuff that doesn’t concern you. I mean, it isn’t like this stuff about Severa is good or something… Spoiler Alerts ahead

Severa is not a bitch. I just want to make it clear because I had an inkling she was going to be a handful when I first recruited her. Once her mother Cordelia marries a male character among her support group, Severa will appear in Paralogue 10. You can have Cordelia talk to her during battle but that won’t be enough to recruit her; you’ll need to escort her down a hallway to ‘rescue’ one of the villagers that had been recruited alongside her. Her base class is a level 10 mercenary, the only female to start in the class in the game. Armed with a sword and shield, she charges forth and if you do not keep up with her, will die by the high level enemies on the field.


Honestly Severa is one of my favorite characters in the game, especially among the children. However when I compare her to the other children I have on my team such as Kjelle, Noire, Owain, Ingio, etc. I feel that Severa is too mean and instead I see her as this tank that destroys enemies flawlessly rather than cultivate a healthy relationship with her comrades. In battle I tend to have her as the vanguard, battling on the front lines by herself because I trained her in order to handle it. Early on while playing her she seemed to already have the statistics and the constitution to just charge out instead of pair and support with another character. This leads me to draw a correlation between relationships and class stats; for Severa this appears to be true.

Severa as a mercenary mirrors her personality; somehow I cannot see her as a magic-user. Her strength, skill, and defense is amazing while her resistance towards magic needs training. Although when fighting against regular fighters, Severa can sweep them off the map. As the lone wolf training to overcome the “genius” shadow that her mother placed over her and with the right skills, Severa can evolve into a force to be reckoned with. Her relationships with her comrades can be seen as insulting or rude but deep down, she feels happy about being able to train with her mother in her prime as well as her friends, the children of the current group’s heroes.

Look at all those innocent faces

Look at all those innocent faces

Looking closely at the twintails flowing, it is no wonder she has the stereotypical characteristics of a “tsundere” girl (in recent memory for me). A girl that is aloof, annoyed, irritable, and pessimistic to a fault. Notable examples include Rin Tohsaka of Fate/Stay Night fame and Kagami Hiiragi from the school anime Lucky Star, Rise Kujikawa from Persona 4, and if you prefer to add Asuka Sohryu Langley to the group of “twintails”, please be my guest.  But please, not all tsundere characters have twintails and because not all of them have twintails, we can assume tsunderes come in all shapes and forms. Artistically I hope I am not seeing a trend here.

Shut up.


One of the reasons why I’m writing this post is because of a conversation I had with fellow writer Shonen:

Say0chan: To me, Severa fights to overcome her ‘genius’ mother Cordelia. Whenever Cordelia wants or tries to show affection, Severa divorces herself from it because (from my pov) it would seem like weakness that can be exploited. If you have a conversation with Severa and her father, she tricks him into buying a dress and making sure he tells her he loves her and only her (besides Cordelia) because she felt abandoned. She is cunning like that. Versus Kjelle. When you first get Kjelle, she is pretty much holding her own and wants to avenge her and the towns-person’s honor (rather than Severa ‘asking’ you to escort her to rescue the villager). Kjelle looks dainty underneath but her armor is a metaphor of her strength and the power to overcome. It is like Sully but while Sully is more towards achieving power through training, Kjelle seems to want to achieve honor as a result of her training.

Shonen: Hm. Kjelle has more of a straightforward philosophy, that is true

Say0chan: Hai. It is similar to Ike in which he ‘fights for his friends’ which to him is honor or for Marth who fights in the memory of his family and his country in order to destroy evil.

Shonen: Yes.

Say0chan: Severa can be seen at first like a meanie, this is true…

To Severa, Cordelia abandoned her and because of the game’s schematics, there’s nothing that is directly personal to her “father” since he could be anyone in Cordelia’s group, including the male main character. And compared to Kjelle, who is on par with Severa’s skill, they both have different attitudes towards attaining strength/power/honor/etc.

Thanks for reading this small blurb. It’s not like you wanted to anyway!

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