So, dear readers, let’s begin with some friendly debate…

Zombies or Aliens?

Dinosaurs or Tricksters?

Ninjas or Pirates? (hint: it’s totally ninjas)

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…Cause sometimes I need to think about these things too. S-shut up.



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I kid, I kid. Please forgive the use of the pun but the manga is noteworthy. Dead A manga review by Say0chan


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Project X Zone for 3DS

Project X Zone, coming to kick ass and take names

A week or two ago, I got a link from UNIT0918 to play Project X on my 3DS.

That link changed myself forever.

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Hello readers, it’s been a while!  Like, over a year a while.  Hope you are well.  Thank you Say0chan for keeping our blog alive.


Warning: this post contains spoilers for the anime/manga Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.

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Here is a film that challenges the viewer to question gay and straight culture while enveloping the feelings of first love as told by a young boy in the Philippines. Auraeus Solito directed this 2005 light-hearted drama which quickly became a contender in film festivals worldwide, becoming the official Philippine entry for Best Foreign Film in the 79th Academy Awards. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll question your own childhood and wonder about what defines gender: Society or You.

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Don't get the wrong idea

Don’t get the wrong idea…

D-don’t you dare read this post. I just wrote some stuff that doesn’t concern you. I mean, it isn’t like this stuff about Severa is good or something… Spoiler Alerts ahead

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The Raid: Redemption (directed by Gareth Evans, 2011) is a testosterone-filled movie about a rookie police officer whose squad infiltrates a thirty-story building where the target is a terrorist of a crime lord. The 101-minute film is loaded with brilliant martial arts choreography that will surely give South East Asia notice among the better part of the Asian-martial art spectrum. Despite the epic fight scenes and sharp placement of the camera, the plot leaves something to be desired. Have no fear however, if you aren’t worried about how congruent the plot is, the martial arts and concept of brotherhood shown works hand in hand to create an environment that will satisfy even the most staunch critic. Remember that the star of the film is the jaw-dropping action, never mind an intricate plot. I want to be entertained with fists, not words!

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The 2006 Thai horror film Dorm (original title Dek Hor) is a movie that is out of this world. Unfortunately it isn’t a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-type of movie with space but the kind with another world for the dear departed. Not feeling the horror genre? Dorm has more than that, with a coming-of-age, feel good movie with dramatic horror intricately woven to create a story about a boy who finds the true meaning of caring for a friend instead of thinking of only himself. Ghost stories? Boarding-school education? Getting caught with naughty magazines? What’s a new kid supposed to do to fit in?

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Does this look familiar?

For those of you unfamiliar with “Great Teacher Onizuka” by Fujisawa Tohru, you are missing out on a great story.  It’s a manga that chronicles the adventures of 22 year old Onizuka Eikichi, ex biker gang member who wants almost more than anything to become a teacher.  Initially, Onizuka’s motives are clearly to become surrounded by high school girls that he can then perv on, but after he gets hired as a teacher it becomes quite clear that there’s more to teaching at this school than meets the eye.  If you haven’t read the first two volumes of the manga, then turn back now because that’s what happens in the first episode I’m about to talk about.

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